renewable-energy-is-hereThe human population uses an extremely large amount of resources and energy on a daily basis. These are required for pretty much everything that is done. Between powering cars, buildings, factories, homes, and more, the rate at which resources are used that are non-renewable is quite shocking.

Once these are depleted and used up, they’re gone for good – and seeing how their amount is limited, this is not okay. This means that it’s time to start getting serious about renewable energy sources. However, if the fate of the planet isn’t enough to get people motivated about changing the kind of resources they use, maybe these facts will.

When compared to fossil fuels (a type of non-renewable energy), renewable energy allows for the creation of three times more jobs. More jobs means a healthier economy in addition to a healthier planet, so you really are getting the best of both worlds if you want to look at it from that perspective. And, in addition to creating jobs, renewable energy is just straight up powerful.

One single wind turbine is capable of generating more than enough electricity for 332 homes. Just one single wind turbine. Imagine how much power could be created if the world really started to put time and attention to what the wind and sun is capable of in regards to powering things that are currently run by non-renewable sources of energy.

As it stands, renewable energy as a whole is expected to increase by more than 25% across the globe by the year 2018, meaning that it is on the rise. Compared to 2011 and 2006, renewable energy accounted for just 20 and 19% respectively for the world’s total gross power generation.

While it may be taking some time, renewable energy is on the rise. It’s clean, efficient, and better for the planet than nasty fossil fuels. It’s time for non-renewable to step aside and make room for the renewable future.