time-to-redecorate-your-homeIf you’re living for one, five, ten or forever in the same house, maybe it is time to think about redecorating it? A new start, a breath of fresh air is always needed at home. In order to feel more comfortable in your own home, you should add a few decorative items, change the wall color, add modern wallpaper, change the curtains or buy new furniture.

Many studies have found that over 80 percent of the house owners do not consider redecorating or adding little elements of design in their homes, while 25 percent never thought about adding a little splash of color. The majority of people go for safe color – beige. It appears that less than half choose neutral colors for their living zone, while the other 40 percent go for black and white. Many have run through different changes in their homes, but never dared to make a bold choice when it comes to colors, decorations or furniture.

The presence of colors in the lives of people is an important and influential factor, and almost 25 percent of the population is well aware of that, but not many choose to follow their instinct and go for the safe choice instead.

A select few, passionate of interior design, are aware of the fact that their house is just a blank canvas, where they can and should express their personality and preferences. The public should be braver in choosing the fun colors because they will certainly influence the daily mood and behavior.

Whether you consider redecorating your home in the near or far future, you should follow the suggestions written in the next chapters. If you are not considering redecorating anytime soon, there is hope that you will be convinced about the positive influence of a house redecoration. Stay tuned for more.