using-flat-designsSome homes are designed in a – quite simply put – different way, taking you to a whole new world and sometimes to bygone and forgotten eras. Sometimes you will notice that there are elements of tropical paradise with pomegranates and peacocks to complete the effect, other times you will notice beaches and riverbanks.

Take the example of Hannah in west London who lives with her husband in an artistically designed flat. For Hannah, colour is the main source of creativity which triggers all the right receptors of your mind, active and on the lookout. She admitted that when designing her home, she allowed her imagination to go wild. This particular personality trait is what makes her so good at blackjack as well. You need to be bold and energetic whether you are playing in a casino or designing your home.

You should firmly stay away from houses with rooms that have a boxed in ceilings that will lead to a feeling that you are living in a coffin. Not a very nice atmosphere to feel in there! To avoid it altogether, the sitting room has been totally redesigned now with more airy and light sitting rooms.

If you are faced with smaller rooms, then it is advisable to use mirrors, more than one preferably, as they will give your room a larger appearance. Oftentimes, two mirrors are more than enough to get the job done. The windows can be used to great effect in instances such as this one. Construct and change windows to be floor-to-ceiling style, allowing more sunlight and air to pass through, and at the same time, giving your rooms a larger appearance.

Hannah has used lining in the kitchen with golden leaves and the wood has been painted turquoise. This gives the kitchen a chocolaty effect. After all, argues Hannah, the space is used for cooking meals after all.